We believe in transparency, ethics, and doing good.

Our apps helps the user's enjoy their life better and we will try to pay back where we can.

Our site was designed and conceived by group of professionals in Behavioral Therapy and DevOps/Apps/Lifestyle development teams. The PypIt style is fun and motivating, it fills in niches that you may not have thought of, but once you use them for what they are designed for, you will love them.

PypIt's Starry ABA Networking and Hosting addresses those special families that just need that help in pursing their passions, whilst having the comfort of having a trained professional take care of your child.

Starry Networking and Hosting wants to provide a way for families that want a qualified and experienced professional to be matched up with the kiddo. Starry, where both parties are treated with respect and transparency.

Our founder, Tom Tong, wanted to use his skills and experience to create the Starry platform for the autism and special needs community.
As the pandemic spread, StarryNet had to pivot, and we did.
We have now published three apps, the Picto Communicator is a revolutionary AAC app that is both user friendly for traveling/daily routines and for eductional purposes.
Tom Tong has worked in high tech for over 30 years after getting his computer engineering degree from UCSC. He has acquired skills along the way to be able to design and engineer the Starry platform. He has researched current apps available for the communities and has vowed to make a better one.