Starry FAQs


01: What is Starry?We are here to help the world of autism with a central website for families, professionals and organizations, businesses, and groups. To help them find and work with qualified applied behavior analysis (ABA) professionals.

We offer an easy to use interface and transparency, so information is freely shared. Families can schedule their lives better, or have assistance when they need it, professionals can control when and how they work, and organizations without resources can now post their events, or even large organizations can now become part of a community.

Business and Organizations may apply to be StarryNet Approved, so special needs families can identify you. They will know that you and your staff have been trained to be more inclusive and aware. They will know that they will be treated with care and respect.
02: Who is Starry's audience?That depends on who you ask... If you ask a family with special needs/autism, they'll probably say that StarryNet's a great resource for them to find ABA Professionals when they need, so they can make plans or that they can find events and other promotions on our calendar.

But if you ask an ABA Professional, they'll probably say that StarryNet let's them find earning opportunities when they are available, and that they love that they can control their hours and wages. Also, that the control they have over their private information is fantastic!

StarryNet Approved establishments can proudly show their badge and greet their guests knowing how to be more inclusive and welcoming to the special needs families. We will have trained your lead staff and given you resources to use and find ABA Professionals if their is a need.

Organizations will probably also say that they are happy to have a place they can post events, other than FB. That it's easy for them to post and also add advanced features like pre-registration or leads-generation during the event. Organizations can also indicate that they need help with the event and would like to solicit for assistance from ABA Professionals.

So StarryNet serves all facets of the special needs/autism world. Come be a part of it!
03: How does Starry work?We have families, and ABA professionals to fill out a questionaire so they can describe their needs and expertise. Then based on that, we find professionals in the client's area, and list them based on compatibility.

Organizations fill out a very simple questionnaire about themselves, as do Managers and Associates who work for the organization.
04: How do I know this ABA professional is the right person?We show all reviews on the professional and any and all information that they choose to make visible, such as their notes, phone numbers, and email address. We allow both parties to send private messages to each other to ask questions before they come to any agreement.
05: When can I leave a review?You can leave a review as soon as a request has been accepted by the ABA professional.
06: Is it really free to join?Yes it is. There are no hidden costs whatsoever.
But as anything free, there's a catch :)
You can read all about it on the Home page -> Upgrades tab. It will show you what you get for free, and what you'll receive when you subscribe to Starry. You can also elect to a 30-day free trial to get all the benefits right now to try out!
07: How does Starry make money?When a client's (family or organization) request is accepted by an ABA professional, each party is sent a Paypal invoice for the networking fee. The fee schedule is in the Home page -> Menu tab. The first 100 enrollees gets 50% off the standard networking fee of $20 (for one day request, it's only $10)! So join up!
08: I’m an ABA professional. How am I being compensated?You and the client (family or organization) will need to discuss that between yourselves. You are in charge of how much you want to offer your services for. That amount will vary based on the needs of the client, your experience and of course, how much the client wants you.
The going rates can vary greatly but the client knows that they are dealing with qualified professionals. We routinely pay car mechanics close to or over one hundred dollars per hour, so given your expertise, what are you worth?
You and the client will need to make financial arrangements for the actual payment for the services for the date and time agreed upon.
09: I'm an ABA professional. What is that referral perk?If an ABA professional you'd referred to us has any fulfilled requests during a calendar year, at year end, you will get 10% of the total networking fees Starry has collected from them. So if your friend paid us $20 per request and had 10 paid requests, then you will get $20 referral perk in January.
But if your friend became a paid member, they can accept more than 10 requests, both of you will also earn more! :)
10: I'm a registered user. I'm really careful about my private information. How is Starry going to help me?We at StarryNet give you total control of your private information, such as email address, mobile and phone numbers and any documents you may have uploaded or notes you've written or received. You can make them all hidden from prying eyes, if you wish.
But then, it also paints a strange picture if all information is hidden ;) Any hidden information that you may want to see about another member (when you are trying to work out a request), may be made visible by asking the owner of that information for a temporary access grant. So you can control who sees what and when.
11: I’m a client. If I’m vacationing with my family, can I use Starry still?Yes! Starry requests can be made based on where you are currently sitting. The effectiveness of Starry depends on its database of ABA professionals. So the more members we accumulate, better the chances you will be able to locate the assistance you need.
So spread the word! Help yourself by helping Starry grow!
12: What is Starry’s corporate goal?As Starry grows and becomes profitable, we want to use the money to help pay for services for families who cannot afford to pay for qualified help.
13: We are an organization, what's the big deal?Become StarryNet Approved establishment! If you are in the hospitality industry, for example, and you are a StarryNet Approved Establishment, you will stand out above the crowd! StarryNet will become a signature of excellence for special needs families. When they see the Approved badge, they know that your staff has been trained for inclusivity and awareness. Give your business the edge to stand out and be noticed. Service is the key to the hospitality industry. Imagine the gratitude these families will have when your concierge uses StarryNet's Find ABA Professional feature to locate a therapist for them. Your service bar will be a cut above the rest.

No matter what organization, business, or group, they can have their own site or none at all. So the end-users, families, all have to dig around to find what is going on, where to find help or to find services they need. Whether that's online or in a local newspaper or from friends. That's the fact of life, unfortunately.

So if the end-users can find a site that is collectively autism and special needs based and allows all these disparage entities to post related events and promotions on one site! That is StarryNet! And we offer you this for free! Yes, really.
14: We are an organization, and we need a simple way to remember leads from events. How can you help us with that?When your organization is the author for the event, and chose that event from our site (as you are logged in), you will be presented with author-only section. This section allows you to enter basic information about your lead during the event. Like first and last name, email, mobile and phone. Just like that. Hit 'Add Lead' and it will be saved for you.

You can download all the leads as a .csv file and you can do whatever you want with it.
15: We are an organization, and we need help to man these events. But it's not easy finding qualified ABA professionals. How can you help us?When you create an event with Starry, you can chose to highlight the fact that your event needs ABA assistance. When you turn that on, you can specify how many ABA Professionals you are looking for and for how many hours/day and days you want the help for.

So when this event is viewed, there will be an 'Assist Event' button. When that's pressed, that will inform the user to sign up or login as an ABA professional first. Once they have done that, and re-press the button, an assist-request will be created for both of you.

You can then review the professional's credentials, history and reviews (in your User page -> All Other Requests tab). If any of information are hidden as private information, you can request for a temporary permission to be granted. Once you've finalized your discussion with the professional about both the compensation and what you need as service, both parties can signal their agreement via the site.